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Measuring a Stick

Measuring a Stick

A walking stick is used by people to help them balance when walking. They may need help walking for a whole variety of reasons, such as a leg injury.

There are various different styles available to you. Originally they were made from wood but in more recent years they have been made from various materials. Whatever style you go for, it is really important that you get one in the right size for you. It will really make it more comfortable for you but also make it far more efficient when using it if it is the correct size for you.

How to measure a walking stick:

This is not an exact science but there is a good rule of thumb to follow.

When holding the handle the wrist and hand should feel relaxed and comfortably supported, not strained or tense.

If the stick is too long , it can easily be shortened by sawing off the end and refitting the ferrule. Adding bits is not so easy !

Some aluminium sticks are folding or telescopic and can be adjusted in length; they are ideal if you are buying the stick as a gift and you are not sure of the size they need.

The stick should, generally, be held on the side opposite to the leg, foot or hip that has reduced function.
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